Comments from our visitor book

To All Our Customers - Past, Present & Future

Whilst we appreciate any feedback, positive and negative, from our valued customers, we feel we are in a better position to deal with these face to face, rather than through a third party e.g Trip Advisor.  The percentage of reviews through this system is minimal in comparison to our annual guest turnover. We cater for over 3.500 guests and some 14,000 customers in our Restaurant per year.  We have had a great response from our guests through our Visitors Bookand please see the comments below.  We would like to thanks all our customers for their input and best wishes.

02.09.08 Ted & Penny, Brackenbury - "With all best wishes for your new venture, see you next year"

04.09.08 Roger & Geoff, Linlithgow - "A most pleasane first stay and food, rooms and staff very pleasant"

04.10.09 Airlie & Elaine, Australia - "Very Comfortable, sad not to have time for some fishing!"

12.10.08 Evelyn & Angus, Surrey - "Had a wonderful holiday and all staff were beyond the call of duty"

26.04.09 Elizabeth, Essex - "Thanks, very good stay"

09.05.09 Roy, Stonehaven - "Beginner to fishing.....hooked!, Great weather and comfortable stay"

08.06.09 Joy, Aberdeen - "Thanks for your hospitality"

20.06.09 Ken & Penny, Edinburgh - "Very Good, thank you"

28.07.09 Mary Scanlon MSP, Scottish Parliament - "Very welcoming and comfortable"

08.08.09 Mr Langhorne - "A lovely Hotel with friendly people"

19.08.09 Mr Whittle - "Excellent that you use homemade and local produce. Good atmosphere and you can always trust a place used by the locals. Wishing you all the best in your new venture"

03.09.09 Ms Kay - "Thank you for being so hospitable and welcoming, best food yet!"

14.09.09 Andy Bardon - "I've stayed here several times and it suits me perfectly"